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GWB Product Fulfillment


Here at GWB we believe we have a number of competitive advantages that can be used to the benefit of your organisation.

Being situated in North London (link to map) makes it straightforward fairly to come and assess us, meet the team and tour the factory (email us to arrange a visit). It also makes it easy to come and discuss projects and check on manufacture if required.

There is also not the need for transportation over very long distances which reduces the carbon footprint (and cost) of your products. Wherever possible we source UK componentary for the same reason.

Short Lead Times.

Due to the nature of the majority of our work we are normally able to rearrange our production schedule to fit in that urgent job that just has to get done.




Flexible run sizes.

We have invested in a mix of production facilities which make it possible for us to effectively produce small batches for trial runs and “market testers”.

Flexible manufacturing process.

We use a semi automated process with a higher than normal manual input which means more flexibility and lower set up times and costs than a fully automated line.

Why do we do this?

In house laboratory

Our laboratory is an integral part of our quality assurance system giving you complete peace of mind with GWB as your manufacturer. All of this is backed this up with a rigorous practice of external micro-biological testing.

The lab guys also form part of our New Product Development team which means that, when required, we can truly provide a “Concept to Counter” service.



Innovative design

We employ the services of a highly creative graphic designer who can work with a customer when required to produce the perfect look in labelling and packaging. We can then act as a source agent for either or both of these to ensure the finished article is exactly as desired.

Storage capability

Warehousing space is always at a premium but here at GWB we have 900 pallet spaces that can be utilised to store free issue components or a call-off order of finished products.

30 years experience

Our wealth of experience at both management and shop floor level means that there’s unlikely to be a “challenge” that we haven’t faced before – and successfully overcome!

Welcome to GWB Products on Sunday 19th of January 2020